Sandwiches   Old-School French
  Hoagies, Cubans, Banh Mis, and more.   Classic cuisine to go ooh la la over.
  Dream Meals   Pancakes  
  Our critics' ultimate food fantasies.   Remarkably fluffy flapjacks.  
  3 A.M. Meal Foodie Road Trip Pancakes
  Affordable Tasting Menu Healthy Meal Pig
  Burger Indian Feast Place to Go on First Date
  Chic Shopping Break Japanese That Isn't Sushi Private Room
  Chinese Banquet Manhattan Thai Sandwiches
  Classic Restaurants Meal Under $10 Sides
  Classic Cocktail Midtown Lunch Sunday Supper
  Cup of Coffee Mom & Pop Restaurant Tapas
  Dessert New Italian Under the Radar Restaurant
  Dream Meals New Restaurant Weird Food That Tastes Good
  Foie Gras New Steakhouse And Who's Overrated?
  Food You Can Get Delivered Old-School French    
2004 Winners    
  All-American Snack   Hot Date   Prix Fixe
    Amuse-Bouche   Ice Cream   Quesadilla
    Antidote To a Vegetarian Feast   Impress a Foodie   Sea Urchin
    Antipasti   Inventive Dish   Service
    Asian Fusion   Japanese Fast Food   Sophisticated Sandwich
    Astoria Alternative   Last Meal On Earth   Sushi Roll
    Bitched-About Restaurant We Really Like   Late Night   Tartare
    Brunch With Parents   Lobster   Tasting Menu
    Cheese Shop   Neighborhood Restaurant   Un-Sushi
    Elegant Restaurant You Don't Have To Get Dressed Up For   New Design   Vegetable
    Fowl   Openings   Vegetarian Feast
    Group of Ten   Pasta   Wine Bar
    Hamburger Alternative   Power Lunch   And Who's Overrated?
  2003 Winners        
     Avant-Garde Sushi    Lasagna    Ravioli
     Baked Potato    Lighting    Seafood
     Barbecued Brisket    Lunch to Impress    Short Ribs
     Bargain Prix Fixe    Mac & Cheese    Sidewalk Dining
     Brooklyn Bistro    Meatballs    Soufflé
     Calzone    Meatloaf    Spaghetti Carbonara
     Cheap Eat    Meze    Splurge
     Chocolate Treats    Middle Eastern    Splurge
     Classic Burgers    Museum Café    Steakhouse
     Classic Cocktails    Neighborhood Joint    Supermarkets
     Dim Sum    Newcomer    Sushi
     Fast Food    Octopus    Tapas
     Fried Chicken    Oyster Roll    Tea Shop
     Gelato    Petit Fours    Vegetable Minestrone
     Ice Cream Sundaes    Pies    Waiters
     Indian    Pickle Store    Well-Kept Secret
     Italian    Pig's Trotter    
     Kid-Friendly    Pizza    
  2002 Winners        
     Bar Snacks
   Chocolate Shop    Lunch Deal
     Beef Cheeks    Coffee Shop Breakfast    Lunch Hour Fast Food
     Bistro for Junior    Croissant    Macaroni and Cheese
     Bouillabaisse    Cup of Coffee    Margarita
     Brain Food    Desserts    Meatloaf
     Breakfast Burrito    Do-It-Yourself Dessert    New Restaurant
     Broadway Dining    French Pastry    Party of 10
     Brunch    Fries    Pizza Slice
     Burger    Guacamole    Sandwiches
     Cassoulet    House Drink    Shop and Stop
     Cheese Bits    Lamb Shank    Steak Frites
     Cheap Chinese Lunch    Lasagna    Sushi Showcase
  2001 Winners        
 Fried Chicken
 Roast Chicken
     Artichoke    Fusion Restaurant    Sandwiches
     Bar Menu    Head Cheese    Scene Cuisine
     Cheese    Healthy Snack Food    Steak
     Croissant    Italian Restaurant    Suckling Pig
     Croque Monsieur    Kid Friendly Dining    Takeout Lunches
     Desserts    NE Clam Chowder    Theater District Restaurant
     Dining Counter    New Restaurant    Unsung Chef
     Fish and Chips    Offal    Whole Fish
     French Restaurant    Omakase Sushi    Unsung Chef
     Fresh Pasta    Prepared Food    Wings
  2000 Winners        
     Al Fresco Mexican
   Jamaican Patty
   Park Slope Brunch
     Birthday Cakes    Korean Barbecue    Pit Barbecue
     Cheeseburger    Late-Night Dish    Seviche
     Chef on the Rise    Non-Bistro Bistro    Sunday Dinner
     Crême Brulée    Non-Steakhouse Steak    Tea Service
     Fort Greene Spots    Non-Vegetarian Vegetarian    Upper West Side Brunch
     Ice Cream    Oyster Dish    Wall Street Power Lunch
     In-Store Restaurant    Panini    Wine Bars