Megaclub   Gay Bar
  The weirdest after-dark fun since the days of the Tunnel.   An oasis of space and playfulness in a scene that has little of either.
  Private Club   Hunting Grounds  
  Our pick couldn't be further from Soho House.   The perfect place to pick up a model, a musician, and more.  
  After-Work Bar Classic Bar Meatpacking-District Bar
  Bands Just After Hitting it Big Discover Teutonic Cabaret Megaclub
  Bands Just Before Hitting it Big Dive Bar Modern but Not Too Avant Jazz
  Bar for a Rendezvous DJ Bar New and Old School Hip Hop
  Bar for An Office Party Gay Bar Obscure Heavy-Metal Bands
  Bar to Close a Business Deal Great Bar Games Old-School Rock Club Scene
  Beer Bar Hear Music Under Stars Private Club
  Broadway Stars Up Close Hunting Grounds Rooftop Bar
  Brooklyn Bar Live Venues Williamsburg Scene
          Who's Overrated?
2004 Winners      
  Bar That's Not Long For This World   Distraction From Your Drink   Reggae Music
    Cabaret   Garage Music   Russian Drinking  
  Celebrity Stalking   Gay Parties   Smoker's Retreat
        Jazz Singing   Soul Music  
  Cheap Jazz   New Rock Club   Williamsburg Scene
  Cocktail Genius   Place To See A Local Band's First Gig   Who's Overrated?
  Country Music   Reason To Go Out On A Sunday    
    Date With Your Dog          
2003 Winners      
   Burlesque Show   • Dive Bar    Karaoke Room
   Cabaret   • Eye-Opener    Return Engagemen
   Cheap Night   Gay Bar    Rooftop Bar
   Comedy Showcase   • Gay Dance Party    Sing-Along
   Concert Series   • Hotel Bar    Spoken Word
   Dance Floor   Jazz Club      
2002 Winners      
  Bars  Lounge  Rock Venue
   Alone  People-watching  Salsa Lessons
   After Work  Sports Bar Clubs & Parties
   Bartenders  With a Date  Brooklyn Club
   Bottle Service Music & Performances  Club Watch: Daily Picks
   Darts Bar  Cabaret  Gay Dance Club
   Happy Hours  Dixieland Swing  New Club
   Leather Bar  Jazz Band    
2000 Winners      
  Bars Drinks Musical Performances
   Allows Dogs  Cocktails  Cabaret
   Anonymous You  Coffee Drink  Classic Rock and R&B Venue
   Midtown Gay Bar  Creative Margaritas  New Band
   Place to Be Scene  Island Drink  Nightlife Personality
   Pool Hall  Margaritas  South American Import
   Sports Bar  Martini Clubs & Parties
       Outdoor Drinks  Gay Teen Party
           Outer-Borough Dance Party
           Place to Get Schooled