Wine Courses   Kids' Clothing Store
  A tasting in progress at Harriet Lembeck's Wine & Spirits Program.   Mexican plastic mesh bags at Sons & Daughters.
  Romantic Hotel   New Hobby  
  The Mandarin Oriental's VIP Spa Suite.   Learning how to draft a pattern at the City Quilter.  
  Fashion Class Place to Play Scrabble Wine Courses
  Hotel for a Romantic Weekend Poker Lessons    
  New Hobby Video Games And Who's Overrated?
  Birthday Celebrations Indoor Play Space Kids' Gym
  Classic Toy Store Kid-Friendly Restaurant Party Entertainment
  Emergency Babysitting Service Kids' Clothing Store Respite for New Moms
2004 Winners  
    For Kids For Adults Movieoke
Basketball Clinic Culinary Arts New Video Arcade
Birthday Cake D.J. Training   Poker Weekend
D.I.Y. Flicks Rock-and-Roller Skating
Museum Flower Arranging Watersport
Tea Hobby Shop   And Who's Overrated?
  Knitting Circle    
2003 Winners  
    Candy Store Kids' Hair Salon Skate Park
Dance Club for Families Magic Shop Soccer Camp
Improv Lessons Magician (for Kids)   Toy Store
Italian Cooking Class Pool Hall  Video Games
 Kids' Clothing Store  Portrait Artist  Wine Wisdom
 Kids' Fitness  Self-Defense Course    
2002 Winners  
  For Kids Leisure & Fun  Reading Series
     Arcade  Digital DIY  Reborn Libraries
     Candy Store  Gallery Tour  Saltwater Fly-Fishing
 Children's Books  Knitting Supplies  Table Tennis
 Children's Museum  Long-Running Theater    
 Kids' Clothes  Nostalgia Hit    
 Music Man  Pottery Classes    
 Toy Store  Public Pool    
2001 Winners  

For Kids Tabletop Games Leisure & Fun
 Tennis  Batting Cage
 Dress Clothes  Treat  Cult Films
 Gymnastics      DVD Rental
 Horseback Riding For Parents  Live, Cheap Shows
 Ice Skating  Baby Gear  Museum Bookstore
 Kids' Café  Baby-Sitting Service Newsstands
 Museum   Kid-friendly Dining Pickup Basketball
 Shoes  Girl's Birthday Party  Star Gazing
 Swimming  Goody-Bag Filler Tennis Court
2000 Winners  
 Art Class for Kids
 Golf Course, Public  Playground
 Auctions for Beginners  Haircut for Kids  Public Art
 Clothes for Kids  Inner-City Sanctum  Soccer Gear for Kids
 Dance Classes  Museums for Kids  Swim Class for Kids
 Dance Class for Kids  Music Class for Kids  Toy Store
 Family-Friendly Food  New Building