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2003 Winners  
     Antiques Show    Hats  Newcomer Furniture
   Bags  Hip Sneakers  Poster Frames
   Bargain T-shirts  Home Accessories  Prewar Details
     Bike Shop  Kitchen Tools    Record Shop
     Charm Necklaces  Lighting    Rugs
   Chef's Knives    Lingerie  Secondhand Shopping
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   Classic Luggage    Luggage  Sound Systems
   Computer Store  Maternity Clothes  Swimsuits
   Dress Clothes     Men's Designer Shop    Vases
     Fresh Flowers  Mix-and-Match Tableware    Vintage Posters
   Handmade Mattresses  Modern Bath Fixtures    
2002 Winners  
   Accessories: Men
 Gym Clothes
   Bed Linens  Independent Bookstore
   Cookware  Men's Accessories  Swimsuits
   Curated Shops  Modern Furniture  Tableware
   Dog & Cat Accessories  Orchids  Trend-Setting Store
   Eyewear  Pajamas  Women's Jeans
   Flat Screen TVs  Sandals  Sofabeds
2001 Winners  
   Beach Bag
 Kitchen Appliances  Sandals, Men's
   Chic Maternity  Leather Goods
   Custom Shirts, Men's  Linens  Sunglasses
   Designer Furniture  Mod Stationery  Swimwear, Men's
   Digital Video  New Watches  Swimwear, Women's
   Discount Shopping  Plus-Size Clothes, Women's  T-Shirts
   Disposable Club Gear  Record Store  Vintage Shop, Brooklyn
   Hardware  Sex Toys  Vintage Shop, Manhattan
   Jeans  Shoes  Vintage Watches
   Junk Shop  Socks    
2000 Winners  
   Baby Linens  Custom-Made Ties  Pots, Pans, Etc.
   Brooklyn Boutique  High Tech Everything  Scuba Gear
   Cashmere Pants  Independent Bookstore  Sexy Lingerie
   City Bicycle  Kitchen Appliances  Sneakers
   Club Chair  Last-Minute Custom Dress  Sunglasses
   Custom Leather Pants  Museum Gift Shop  Thrift Store
           Yarn Store